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About Us

Performance Max LLC is a national provider of services that enhance the way students, young adults and their parents approach the challenge of choosing a college and a major field of study.

Now students and parents have the opportunity to benefit from the professional research of Dr. Donald Devine, who developed a world-class behavioral assessment system used by businesses and organizations to strengthen individual and company performance. That system has now been tailored for high school and college students who seek self-insight and guidance so they thrive, not just survive, in college.

The foundation of our assessment tool and services is built on the premise that everyone has unique capabilities that work together to help individuals realize their fullest potential and develop success personally and professionally. At Performance Max, we partner with students and parents to help them understand those unique capabilities before critical choices are made regarding colleges and college majors.

With over 30 years of behavioral research and development experience, our services will guide your sons or daughters so they can achieve personal fulfillment, increase self-insight and understand development opportunities which will assist them in selecting their own “right choice” college or major!

Taking responsibility for one's own development is the key to personal fulfillment and professional success.