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Self Awareness

The first step in choosing a college is to better understand those areas where your child excels as well as what he/she really enjoys doing.

While it’s true your child’s friends may be looking at “State” as the best college, that’s a decision which might not apply to your child. Different personalities or long-term goals drive different “best fits” for college choices.

Has your child even articulated whether they like cold weather or warm weather, a large or small school, or would enjoy a fraternity? These are just some of the easy social decisions. These decisions do not consider the more difficult career, study and work implications of these choices.

That’s why everyone who engages Performance Max starts the process with a parent/student dialogue. Then the student progresses to the online assessment tool that will query his/her likes, unique qualities and aspirations. We provide the tool online so it’s not time restricted. The student is encouraged to provide thoughtful and truthful answers.

Our system then analyzes the responses, provides a detailed written report, and goes a critical step further...

Performance Max provides you with a 60 to 90 minute consultation with a trained professional.

You receive a personal, in-depth interpretation of the results along with advice and guidance.

Continuous improvement requires a willingness to accept the challenge of gaining knowledge and skill through self-awareness and discipline.