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Self Awareness

During the early college years, you change in many ways. For example, a bookish type, shy student may have blossomed, while one interested in the arts might become a highly motivated science student.

So the first step to Declaring a Major is for you to begin a self-awareness study of what you really like and excel at now.

Thatís why Performance Max starts our process with an online assessment tool, designed to query a studentís likes, passions, goals and aspirations. We provide the tool via a web portal that is not time restricted, and encourages thoughtful and truthful answers.

Our system then analyzes the responses, provides a detailed written report, and goes a critical step further...

Performance Max provides you with a 60 to 90 minute consultation with a trained professional or Associate.

Students receive a personal, in-depth interpretation of the results along with advice and guidance.

Continuous improvement requires a willingness to accept the challenge of gaining knowledge and skill through self-awareness and discipline.