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Donald W. Devine, Ed.D. - Chairman & CEO

Dr. Donald W. Devine is considered one of the preeminent leaders in the field of applied behavioral sciences. His background includes: serving as Vice President of Long Range Planning and Educational Research for Citicorp; coordinating all human resource development activities for Xerox Corporation; functioning as a Design Consultant and Trainer for Xerox’s Executive Development Program; assisting Harvard University in the development of their Advanced Management Program (AMP) and Program Management Development (PMD); lecturing for the President’s Association of the American Management Association; and serving as Educational Policy Coordinator for the National Association of Manufacturers in New York City.

After extensive research aimed at identifying behavioral orientations critical to achieving success, Dr. Devine established The Devine Group, Inc in 1970. It has grown consistently each year since that time. Presently, The Devine Inventory™ system is used in numerous organizations throughout the world. Its representative network reflects the deep commitment to serving clients on an international level.

Dr. Devine retired from the Devine Group in 2008 to dedicate his time and talents toward growing Performance Max LLC. He devotes his time now to providing counsel to parents and prospective college students in their decisions regarding choices of major areas of study. He also consults with company executives, helping them shape and optimize leadership team development and overall work culture performance.

He earned a baccalaureate degree at Wayne State University followed by a Master’s degree with honors from the same institution. Additional graduate-level work was completed at the University of Michigan and at the University of Detroit as an Edgar de Witt Jones scholar. Shortly thereafter, a fellowship award to the Albert M. Greenfield Center for Human Relations enabled the earning of a doctorate degree from the University of Pennsylvania. His doctoral thesis, The Critical Requirements for Training Directors in American Industry, received critical acclaim by the Stanford Research Institute as a “rare and valuable document… a major contribution to the field.” Postdoctoral work was accomplished at Boston University.

Dr. Devine is a member of Phi Delta Kappa, a gold key honorary fraternity for educators, and his biographical data is represented in Who’s Who in American Education. He is also a member of American Mensa, Ltd.

"It is important for us to focus on the unique capabilities of each individual and to assist in helping each person reach their full potential."

- Dr. Donald W. Devine