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Please read below for the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) and their answers. If you don't see what you're looking for, please don't hesitate to contact us.

What does the assessment include and what questions will it answer for my child?
The assessment includes comprehensive information that helps students learn more about their behavioral strengths and how those strengths match up to the college majors that interest them most. It answers questions on several factors that are important in choosing a college and a major. The following are some examples of what is included in the assessment report:
  • A detailed analysis of 33 behaviors and the student’s strengths
  • Growth opportunities for the student along with specific development tips and exercises
  • Tuition and other expenses to be allocated for college
  • High school academic achievements
  • A student’s most and least favorite subjects
  • Private, public or religious school preferences
  • Student’s preferences relating to ideal campus setting, enrollment size, faculty-to-student ratio, average GPA and the student’s 5 top preferences for a major field of study back to top
What results will we receive from the assessment?
The student and parent will receive a sharply defined evaluation of the child’s competencies, behaviors and special qualities that will be useful in evaluating and choosing potential colleges and major fields of study. Additionally we provide development suggestions to help the child’s future growth in specific areas of opportunity. The report is written for the student in a language/format that is relevant to the student--with real life examples and suggestions that the student can easily apply in his/her academic and personal life.back to top

How does my child receive the results of the assessment?
Students receive a detailed written report which is sent online as an email attachment. In addition, students will talk personally with a Performance Max LLC (PML) Associate, who is a trained, certified feedback interpreter or coach. The Associate will interpret the report and help students answer questions on how their profile matches up to their preferred college majors.back to top

Is the certified feedback interpreter or coach unbiased or will he/she try to lead my child to some sort of conclusion?
Feedback coaches or interpreters are totally unbiased. They are trained to rely completely on the evidence of the assessment’s results along with the exchange of information and discussion with the student and parent(s).back to top

What are the qualifications of the interpreter?
Associates of PML are required to have either a 4-year college or a master’s degree along with several years of relevant work experience. They have personally taken the assessment and have participated in self-development through consultation with Dr. Donald Devine, developer of the assessment tool. Additionally, every Associate must successfully complete an extensive certification training program, which includes interactive case studies and role plays. They are skilled to interpret and deliver verbal feedbacks to students and parents with professionalism and sensitivity to the importance of this engagement.back to top

What is the success rate in helping students reach a decision?
Since our data collection process began just a few years ago, 95% of our high school and college students have reported the assessment and feedback experience was instrumental in either solidifying their decisions or helping them make better choices of colleges and majors. We will continue to expand our database and validate the effectiveness of our products and services by following up with students after they have entered their chosen field of study.back to top

How can this assessment experience be beneficial in my child’s college application process?
The assessment experience benefits students in the college application process in the following ways:
  • Helps students understand and be able to explain why the college they have chosen best meets their academic needs and personal preferences
  • Assists in formulating questions in advance of the school visit
  • Helps students develop ideas to include in an essay--identifying their values, beliefs and foundations for making the decision to apply specifically to that college
  • back to top
How was the assessment tool created and by whom? What are the credentials of the developer of the assessment?
This assessment system was developed by Dr. Donald W. Devine who holds a doctorate of education from the University of Pennsylvania. For the past 39 years, he has researched and studied thousands of companies, employees, students and individuals nationally and internationally to determine which behavioral factors are predictive of successful performance. He conducted extensive personal interviews with employed college graduates resulting in the identification of 33 specific behaviors that increase the likelihood of achievement in school and fulfillment in one’s personal and professional life. Interviews and research are ongoing to ensure our database is current with today’s critical success factors in academia and post-college employment.

For additional information, please refer to Dr. Devine’s biographical summary. back to top

What mistakes can I avoid by having my child benefit from your service?
Perhaps the most often mistake made about selecting a college is failing to recognize and be objective in identifying potential choices in deciding on a major. Often parents or peer groups have their own personal preferences which can place too much pressure on students. This may cause students to be overly influenced by others rather than being honest with themselves about their preferences and abilities.

Finally, there may be some degree of indifference or procrastination about doing the pre-work necessary in making well-informed academic choices. Choosing the wrong major can affect the choice of a college, which in turn can result in costly and time consuming changes in coursework and/or a transfer to another school. back to top

May I pay in installments or must I pay the total cost at one time?
Full payment is required up front and can be processed through PML’s website.back to top

Are discounts available if I refer others or have more than one child take the assessment?
Discounts may be provided only if your referrals purchase our services. Discounts for referrals or for multiple children within a family should be arranged with your PML Associate prior to purchasing PINs. back to top

If my child follows the recommendations but changes majors anyway, will my money be refunded?
No. Sometimes the factors that influence changing majors are related to situations beyond the control of what the assessment has indicated. For example, peer group pressure, a superficial evaluation of the new major, dislike of a professor, a temporary disappointment about a grade, etc. may influence the decision to change majors. If such circumstances do occur, we suggest a follow-up contact with your PML Associate. back to top

How is the assessment administered?
The assessment is available online 24/7. It consists of 184 questions and takes approximately 35 to 45 minutes to complete. Your PML Associate will provide written instructions on the steps to access and complete the assessment.back to top

If my child has a bad attitude or is having a bad day, will it affect the results of the assessment?
Students should take the assessment when they have uninterrupted time to focus for 35 to 45 minutes and answer the questions as honestly as they can—the way they are today, not how a parent or teacher expects them to be. Pick a day when you know your child is most likely to have some free time—perhaps a weekend or a school holiday. back to top

Are follow-up sessions available if we have questions after the session has ended?
Yes. This can be arranged directly with your PML Associate.back to top

How do I get a reluctant child to participate in your services?
First, let them know this is not a test—there are no right or wrong answers! They simply choose a selection that best describes their preferences. Our services provide the student with excellent self-insight so they can feel in control of their decisions and have confidence that they are making good decisions. back to top

I am really impressed with the products and results. How can I become a part of your team?
We welcome the opportunity to talk with you about becoming an Associate of PML. Please visit the Become an Associate page to begin the process. back to top

What if I completely disagree with the results of the assessment and believe this is not my child. What will you do? Will you refund my money?
We have never had such a disagreement. Exactly the opposite has occurred. We typically highlight the child’s unique qualities and strengths that will play an important role in his/her making the right choices. It is intended to be a very positive experience for both the child and parent.

While the cost of the assessment tool is not refundable, we will work with your child and you to ensure you understand the results and the reasons why the information is describing your child in a particular way. Again, this situation has not occurred in the past. back to top

My child is 18 years old. Does he/she have the right to keep me from seeing the results and participating in the feedback interpretation session?
Unfortunately, yes. However, we strongly encourage the results to be shared with parents. If this situation does occur, we remind parents that they should refrain from making comments that will provoke a negative emotional reaction from the child. By asking the child to express their opinions and ideas on the reported information, the discussion will be positive and motivating…and the parents will be seen as supportive and helpful!back to top

My child is 17. I would like to see the results and speak with the interpreter before I allow my child to see the results. Is this possible?
Each of us is different. Exploring with your child the reasons for this approach would be helpful so the student does not feel that there is some hidden agenda behind our services. In our experience, we found that treating all students in an open and trusting manner produces more satisfying and productive results. Students who gain the most are those who are able to accept their assessment results as wonderful opportunities to grow and develop for future success in school, at work and in their personal lives. back to top