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History of Tool

Developed by Dr. Donald Devine, the Performance Max assessment tool has been used in organizations for over 39 years. His extensive and groundbreaking research on identifying behavioral orientations critical to successful performance resulted in the development of The Devine Inventory™ assessment system, and in 1970 he established The Devine Group, Inc.

Proven Assessment Tool - now available for Students

Dr. Devine retired from The Devine Group in 2008 to dedicate his time and talent toward growing Performance Max LLC. His vision is to counsel parents and prospective college students on their behavioral strengths and development opportunities, and how these behaviors match up to students’ choices of colleges and majors.

The Performance Max assessment tool has been rewritten for the student in a language/format that is relevant to the student – with real life examples and suggestions that the student can easily apply in his/her academic and personal life.

Our daughter's academic program and choice of major field of study has blossomed ,and she is enjoying her school experience more than we ever believed could have been possible.