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With more than 30 years of experience in career-related consulting, Performance Max provides your child with the building blocks to the future!

"This program helped me to make the RIGHT decisions. I am now in grad school and I know that I have made the perfect choice for my school and my career." - Melissa D., student

"My original idea was to attend a large university like the one my older brother had picked. After reviewing my report and receiving feedback, it was clear to me that I would feel much more comfortable in a school where class sizes were smaller. The possibility of having closer contact with my teachers was a key in my final decision." - Student, Antioch College

"I had an opportunity to go to a small school on an athletic scholarship but after a careful look at their majors, it was obvious that my interest in a nursing degree could not be met. The feedback from Performance Max helped me to rearrange my priorities and put my academic education first." - Student, Warrenton, VA

"My daughter had only fair SAT scores and we were worried about her chances for admissions. On the plus side, her GPA was above 3.0 and we were hopeful that this would have an important part to play in being accepted as an undergraduate. Unfortunately, her standardized test scores were never strong. So when we received the Performance Max assessment report and the follow-up interview with the certified coach the strong personal qualities of my daughter (leadership orientation, intellectual curiosity, etc...) were made very apparent. We asked for a reference letter highlighting her unique qualities, and PML sent one, which helped secure her acceptance and more than one Admissions Officer commented on both the quality and content of the letter." - Parent, Cincinnati, Ohio

"Our Daughter is now in her junior year at the college which she chose from five possibilities. During her high school experience, she was very shy, introverted - and our concern was that if the patterns continued, much of her learning would be compromised. On the basis of her report from PML she chose a medium sized school located within a comfortable geographic distance from our home. but not so close that she would feel compelled to come home to be with her Dad and me on a regular basis. In her choice, the opportunity to mix with other students and to form relationships both study and social were readily apparent. Not only has this occurred, her academic program and choice of major field of study has blossomed and she is enjoying her school experience more than we ever believed could have been possible." - Mother, Pittsburg, PA

The feedback from Performance Max helped me to rearrange my priorities and put my academic education first