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Name Jeanne Feldkamp
Company Feldkamp & Associates
Geographic Area Cincinnati Based; Ohio/Kentucky/Indiana Tri-State Area
Education Bachelor of Arts, Purdue University, CommunicationsDale Carnegie Organization, Trainer Human Relations
Background Jeanne has over 20 years experience in personal training and development, both in group and individual settings. Her strengths include being able to quickly assess and identify the strengths of others. Then by focusing on the strengths, a foundation is established to make sound choices to improve and succeed. She is able to inject enthusiasm into all areas of professional and person development.
Why I Got Involved I am passionate about helping individuals and organizations identify their unique strengths—working with them to reach their full potential; to succeed. My belief is that we must live intentionally by making choices that allow us to continually grow and develop positive healthy relationships.
Personal Info I enjoy creative activities, baking, and being in the outdoors. Volunteering in the community is a passion—giving back to others and demonstrating with my family that we are called to serve. I have been married 20 years and blessed with five children—all unique and amazing.
Certified Since August 2009
Tag line Building your foundation for the future, one piece at a time.

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