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First. During the discovery phase, parents and their high-school age children are provided a list of topics to discuss together. This may be the first time they have had face-to-face discussions on their expectations such as:

  • “What can we afford in tuition and other college expenses?
  • “Where do you want to go to school and why?
  • “Do you want to study in a specific type of college?” etc….
Second. The student completes an online assessment through a secure web portal. This self-paced tool questions your student on a wide range of personal preferences, behaviors and competencies. A student simply chooses answers that best describes himself. Unlike academic or standardized tests, there are no “correct” answers, but there are certainly revealing answers!

Third. The completed assessment is compared to a database of thousands of other participants. After a thorough analysis, a written report is generated. This report identifies individual strengths, preferences and development areas. It will indicate majors that align with the student’s unique behaviors.

Fourth. This step is perhaps the most important. A trained and certified Associate schedules a conference with the student and parent(s). During the conference, the Associate provides feedback on the interpretation of the assessment report. From this feedback, students learn about their strengths as well as future development opportunities. The Associate guides the parent and student by relating the student’s preferred college majors to the student’s strengths and abilities.

This 60 to 90 minute discussion is often viewed as the most valuable part of our services. While other websites may claim to provide guidance and help sift through college offerings, no other service provides personal interpretation and sound advice.

What we do not know about ourselves is only a weakness if we fail to leave this situation unattended.