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"Dr. Don Devine has been an important part of the personal and career development of my entire family. Don met with our first two daughters to provide advice on college selection and career direction. The combination of the assessment tool and Dr. Devine’s ability to interpret it’s results and apply his broad knowledge in education, professional development and the discovery of a person’s strengths that match them best to a college’s teachings style and selection of a major, provided a jump start to our kids’ future. We have two more daughters that will soon graduate from high school. Our family has been delighted with Dr. Devine’s guidance and we’re anxious for Dr. Devine to, once again, become a key part of the girls’ future." - John S., parent

"Performance Max really opened my eyes to my daughter's potential and natural tendencies. It confirmed many of the strengths and development opportunities that I knew she had, but prior to the session, had not been able to effectively match to a major career or action plan. The process really takes the guesswork out of selecting a major. The feedback session was especially valuable because it gave us tips for evaluating colleges based on her needs. It even recommended books that she can read to strengthen underdeveloped areas. Using Performance Max LLC assessment tools and services is a must for ensuring your child gets started on the right track." - A parent in Landenberg, PA

"I have used the Devine Inventory™ both in business and for my personal development. During that time I have and continued to refer friends and business associates to Performance Max LLC and the use of their tools. Recently, my son Brian solicited help from PML after graduating from college, to seek direction for his future and maximize his talents. The results and personal consultations have helped him focus his plans on a MBA program he was considering, and he is very excited about his future. I highly recommend the PML assessment and follow-up consultations for anyone, from college age forward. Likewise, the continuation of follow-up evaluations will ensure maintaining a meaningful life's direction." - Joe & Brian B., father & son

Performance Max really opened my eyes to my daughter's potential and natural tendencies.