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Why This Works

Our methodology combines a world-class behavioral assessment system with the professional interpretation of results by certified specialists or Associates.

Unlike many websites that simply provide a cookie-cutter report model, Performance Max takes into consideration the talents, strengths, interests and desires of your child. We bring the entire process down to a personal level—talking directly with you and your child to translate assessment results into a valuable experience that can impact critical decisions for your child’s future.

We are dedicated to removing the guesswork often associated with your child's major life decisions:

  • What I want to do when I graduate from high school?
  • What college should I attend?
  • How can I select a college major that will lead to a fulfilling career and personal life?
  • What do I need to do to facilitate a rewarding college experience?

Performance Max delivers results:

  • Self insight
  • Informed choices
  • In-depth reporting
  • Feedback with a certified interpreter
  • Individual coaching for improvement

It is important for us to focus on the unique capabilities of each individual and to assist in helping each person reach their full potential.